Jan Grulich

Completion of bachelor’s thesis

My bachelor’s thesis is nearing completion and it was great experience for me. I would like to thank to all KDE community for their work on KDE desktop and that they give me opportunity to have my work on KDE git repository. I want especially thank to Lukáš Tinkl for his advices and consultation to my bachelor’s thesis and thank to Dan Vrátil for his Akonadi-google and useful advices and testing.

It’s also my last way to present my plasmoids with wishes of reporting bugs because I have less than a month to fix all bugs before I will have defense of my bachelor’s thesis. So thanks for testing and reporting bugs and if you like my plasmoids I promise that I will continue on working on it.

I’m using only Google resources from Akonadi-google in default option. It’s because my bachelor’s thesis is about Google applets so if you need all resources you will have to use -DALL_COLLECTIONS=true option to cmake command.

You can get it from my Git repository

Thanks a lot 🙂

Calendar plasmoid

I finished my third plasmoid as part of my bachelors thesis. I hope it’s a little bit better than my previous plasmoids and I tried to make it as good equivalent to default KDE calendar plasmoid. Unlike the default KDE calendar plasmoid this plasmoid has separated agenda. You can choose how many weeks you want to display in agenda or choose various colors for various calendars or choose color for all parts of agenda widget.

The second part is “month view” where you can see days with events and display events in selected day. In settings you can choose colors for various cells.

In the end you can add event or edit existing event via default incidence editor. As my previous plasmoids it’s designed to use Akonadi-google resources so if you want to use all collections you will have to add -DALL_COLLECTIONS=true to cmake command.

I hope that someone will like it. If you find some bugs or you have some tips to improvements please let me know.

You can get it from my KDE git repository

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