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Akonadi applets continuation

since latest blogpost I became intern in Red Hat Czech and received a bachelor’s degree.  That does not mean I stopped developing my plasmoids. After some pause I’ve made a few changes which some people wanted or I found them useful. You can now also find all my plasmoids in Fedora repository where you can install them simply without compilation. Because my bachelors work was focused on Google plasmoids, I removed all Google stuff and now they are “Google clear”. Regarding improvements, I’ve added some useful options to calendar plasmoid. You can now change position of daily agenda which can look same as default calendar plasmoid in KDE. There is also an option for default view so you don’t have to switch it if you will want to quickly look on something. That would be all for now, but I will continue ….

Here is a new screenshot of calendar plasmoid

Thanks for using, testing and for helpful tips. As usual you can get it from git repository.

3 thoughts on “Akonadi applets continuation

  1. Would it be possible to have current time displayed instead of the calendar icon when I place this widget to the panel?

    The calendar widget in the Digital Clock applet sucks compared to your work, so now I have to have two applets in the panel (the clock applet and yours) which wastes precious vertical space.

  2. @danvratil

    This was my thought, too. This should be integrated in the default calendar view on the clock (or vice-versa as you suggest).

  3. is it possibe to edit time format?
    for example date smaller than hour and change the possition. When the panel is thin is not good looking…

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