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Plasma-nm release

We have released another plasma-nm version for KDE 4. It’s possible that this release will be the last one, because every distribution is now switching to Plasma 5 and given our irregular releases it’s possible that current distributions wouldn’t pickup the updated version anyway. I’ll keep backporting fixes from Plasma 5 to our KDE 4 branch if possible, so if you want to keep running on KDE 4 from some reason, you will still have a way how to get at least some fixes. There is also a new release of networkmanager-qt for KDE 4, which is required for below mentioned OpenConnect fixes.

Fixed issues in this release:
* bz#341221applet: connection which is being activated is moved to the top
* bz#343606editor: enable/disable actions when a connection state changes
* bz#340703editor: added connect/disconnect actions to the menu and toolbar
* bz#341629editor-ethernet: auto-negotiate state is now properly restored
* bz#341069editor-OpenVPN: added option for server certificate verification
* bz#341397editor-pptp: fixed storing of non-latin characters
* bz#340801editor-vpn: fixed vpn import – IPv4 -> routes -> “Use only for resources on this connection” is not checked all the time
* bz#340717editor-wifi: added frequency and channel to the BSSID dropdown list
* bz#339296OpenConnect: fixed autoconnecting
* bz#309931/bz#334474OpenConnect: fixed storing of secrets
* bz#334901/bz#344411secret agent: displayed proper connection name in password dialog
* bz#342697wifi: fixed displaying of non-ASCII SSIDs

+ many other not mentioned issues

New tarballs can be downloaded here:

5 thoughts on “Plasma-nm release

  1. Please advise.

    user@machine:~/Downloads/KDE/DesktopWidgets/plasma-nm-$ mkdir build
    user@machine:~/Downloads/KDE/DesktopWidgets/plasma-nm-$ cd build
    user@machine:~/Downloads/KDE/DesktopWidgets/plasma-nm-$ cmake ../ -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr [-DDISABLE_MODEMMANAGER_SUPPORT=true]
    CMake Error: The source directory “/home/brucew/Downloads/KDE/DesktopWidgets/plasma-nm-[-DDISABLE_MODEMMANAGER_SUPPORT=true]” does not exist.
    Specify –help for usage, or press the help button on the CMake GUI.

  2. Use the command without brackets, because [-DDISABLE_MODEMMANAGER_SUPPORT=true] means that this option is optional.

  3. When will plasma-nm-openvpn go mainstream ??? I’d love to have that seamless OpenVPN experience with plasma-nm like Gnome does with networkmanager applet. Establishing OpenVPN connection through systemctl is getting old fast. I apologize if I sound ungrateful. Thanks for the work.

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